Our story

A little about the mom and baby…

1. On July 2, 2014 I became mom to Chloe Elizabeth (“C”).

2. We live in Toronto with dad.

3. I love trying out new fitness classes in Toronto and am hoping to find some baby-friendly workouts to do.

4. My childhood was filled with lots of great travel adventures and I’m hoping that C will also get to experience many trips or what it is like to live abroad.

5. We’re definitely an Apple product household. I switched to a Samsung phone once and regretted it the next day.

6. I love to cook and have ambitions of making my own baby food. We’ll see how that goes!

7. I thought I’d be able to cloth diaper C, but have decided to go the disposable route. Too many poo-explosions and other things to manage at the moment! I may try to revisit this hope, though.

8. I have an extreme hatred of mayo.

9. 90s teen shows are my guilty pleasure.

10. Summer over winter any day of the week.

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