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A trip to Core Body Science (Pilates)

27th January 2016


I seem to be on a bit of a Pilates kick these days as the second studio I tried out on my mission to try new places was Core Body Science. Years ago I used to do Pilates a lot and loved it. But then I moved away from the area that my favourite studio was in and my love for Pilates disappeared.

Core Body Science is another one of those studios that I have often wondered about, but never visited. It is located in a bit of a random block of storefronts within a pretty residential area along Millwood east of Bayview. I had no clue what to expect and didn’t even realize that I had signed up for the intermediate/advanced Legs, Bums & Tums. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What’s the studio like?
Pretty open concept. You walk in and there’s a small front desk to the left and then there’s all the reformers. There’s a back room with some additional equipment – assuming it is more used for private sessions. When I arrived there was already a class in progress, so I just sat and waited until mine began. I didn’t seem to need to check-in or anything which is kind of odd, but I guess as it is a small studio that is what they do.

What was the class like?
I really liked the class. It was challenging, but doable. The instructor, Adrienne, also had a great teaching style about her and walked around throughout the class to make sure everyone was doing ok.

Who goes there?
My class seemed to skew older. I mentioned this to my husband as typically the studios downtown attract a much younger clientele. But I guess the area’s demographics are a bit older. I also realized as I was talking to him that I too am older now. Sometimes I forget that I’m not in my 20s anymore 🙂

What was my favourite part?
The jumping bit at the beginning of class to warm up our legs. I had forgotten how fun this was and how great it made me feel.

How did the class make me feel?
Once again I felt great leaving the class and excited to start my weekend. I really need to do Pilates more.

Would I go back?
Absolutely. This studio too is a bit of a hidden gem.