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Our favourite books at 15 months

1st October 2015


When I first found out I was pregnant I started building Chloe’s library. I had visions of us snuggling up together reading lots and lots of books. Over the past year and a bit we’ve had some learning to do about what it means to read books to a baby! In no particular order here are the books that Chloe loves at fifteen months old (as chosen by my husband who does most of the bedtime reading these days):

1. I learned about Marla Frazee’s version of Hush Little Baby in our story time class last year. Although it doesn’t necessarily put Chloe to sleep, we love the illustrations. I also love listening to my husband try to sing the story out via the baby monitor. It gives me amusement.

2. Good Night Moon is now a book that Chloe loves. We first tried reading it to her in the early days but gave up as we didn’t like the story. But Chloe seems to like it and as it has been around for 60 years or so there must be something to love 🙂

3. All of Barbara Reid’s stories about Zoe throughout the year are combined into one big board book in Zoe’s Year. We think Chloe loves it as Zoe is just as curious and mischievous as her!

4. This book has been ripped, pulled apart and is much loved. Over time we’ve learned that anything to do with babies is a hit.

5. I would hazard a guess that over 90% of babies and toddlers in North America have at least one Sandra Boynton book in their bookcases. Moo Baa La La La is the one that Chloe prefers. I tend to like Barnyard Dance. I also know the Going to Bed book by memory now if anyone would like a rendition.

6. Peek-A-Who? is short and plays on babies love of peekaboo. I think Chloe’s first word was ‘Boo’ because of this book.

7. I credit this book with helping Chloe identify her body parts. It also features the much-loved star of books in our household – the baby 🙂

8. Chloe is as curious as the Curious Cat. She loves this book gifted by one of our closest friends and likes pointing to all of the animals the cat meets along the way.

9. Sophie the giraffe was a hit in her younger days and the love still carries on through the books about Sophie. We have Playtime with Sophie and is all about Sophie playing with her friends. Spoiler: there isn’t much of a storyline 🙂

10. And finally….Wheel on the Bus. I guess some stories/songs never get old 😉