My visits to Serendipity Yoga & Pilates

22nd January 2016

Serendipity Pilates

I’m not necessarily one to make resolutions, but I do find myself at the beginning of each year thinking about what I’d like to do or achieve this year. One of this year’s goals is to challenge myself to try new workouts and studios in Toronto. Long story short – many years ago I used to blog about health and fitness in Toronto. For a reason that I can’t seem to remember I let the website domain expire and along with it all of the content I wrote. I miss being able to look back on this time on my life and trying new workouts!

First on my list was Serendipity Yoga & Pilates studio. They have two locations in Toronto, but I only went to their Leaside location (Eglinton/Laird). I’ve noticed the studio before and have to admit that the exterior signage and the fact that they are located above a Shoeless Joe’s made me think that I wouldn’t really enjoy the studio. I’m totally guilty of judging a book by its cover and while the studio itself is not fancy at all I found that the workouts were ones that I really enjoyed!

What class(es) did I take?
I signed up for their introductory offer (10-days for $20) and went to two of their classes – Deep Core Pilates and Tone Pilates. The classes I took at the studio had a great energy and style. The instructors were fun and knew how to lead the class through a complete Pilates workout. They both also knew when to push and when to give breaks.

What was the studio vibe?
Completely unpretentious. The studio was basically the studio – no front desk, no additional frills. Before each of the classes the instructors came up to introduce themselves to me and already knew my name.

Who goes there?
Is definitely an interesting mix of people. Both of my classes skewed on the older side, but this didn’t mean that the classes were an easier!

What were my favourite parts of the classes?
Learning that you can do the mermaid move with a foam roller. Never thought of this before! I also really liked that the classes were taught more in the classical Pilates style.

How did the class make me feel?
Challenged and energized.

Would I go back?
Yes! The regular class passes were also more reasonably priced than some of the other places I’ve been too.




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