How we began solid food

17th October 2015


The idea of starting to feed Chloe solid food terrified me. Unknown territory. I have a huge fear of choking, so was petrified of this. What would happen if she had an allergic reaction to something? All of a sudden I was Googling things like ‘allergic reaction to apples and pears’. Thankfully I have a very rationale husband who was much more excited about feeding Chloe, so he’s made sure that Chloe has tried lots of new foods. Below is a bit of mix of tips, advice and resources for how we began solids…

Trial and error
I’ve found that things are always changing when you begin feeding baby real food. We began with the purees at five and a half months (1 new food every three days), but ended up moving to a more baby-led approach around 7/8 months. One of the things that I have realized is that it is important to adjust your approach for the type of baby you have. I would’ve stuck with the purees much longer than we did, but Chloe really wanted chewable food. Purees were not cutting it for her. She wanted more.

The power of friends
Hands down the best advice about how to do this solids thing came from friends. It was so helpful to have other moms to turn to and ask about what they did – I lucked out as the group of moms I met when Chloe was a few weeks old were all people going through the same phases of baby life as me and could share tips and recipes.

Aviva Allen’s introducing solids workshop
When Chloe was around four months old we took Aviva’s workshop. It was a couple of months before we actually began solids and I found this workshop helpful in the sense that you learned what foods were best to feed, when to give them and the difference between baby-led/purees. There’s also a virtual option for this workshop, so you don’t need to be located in Toronto to take it.

My Lovely Little Lunchbox
A friend referred me to this Australian blog and it has become one of my main go-to resources for recipe ideas, especially in the beginning when I needed ideas. All of her recipes are pretty tasty!

Annabel Karmel’s books
We have this one and while I don’t really refer to it anymore it was helpful in the beginning as it has a lot of recipes for purees (apparently I needed help figuring out how to puree carrots…lol).

One day it is a hit, the next it is a miss
Some days Chloe loves some things and other days she won’t even touch it. I’ve found that it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t like that particular food. She just doesn’t want it at the moment.

Other resources we use for food ideas:
Little Grazers
Jaime Oliver’s weaning guide 
Bebe Gourmet

Happy eating! What are some of your favourite tips and resources?

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