What’s on my mind this week?

7th October 2015


What’s on mom’s mind this week?
Christmas. I know we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving yet, but it looks like we’ll be spending Christmas in Canada this year. My first one here since 1987. My parents will be visiting us which I’m excited about. I am a little sad, though, that my time of jetting off to somewhere warm over the holidays has to come to an end. I will miss you Christmas brunch at Grovesnor House in Dubai.

What I’m currently coveting?
Most weekday mornings I hit up the Davids Tea by my work (current favourite tea is glitter and gold). I recently checked out their revamped website and am wanting to make this soup. Seems like the perfect fall food. Warm and nourishing!

What I’m loving?
The new local Pilates studio that opened on Bayview. It is clean, bright and welcoming. And my abs definitely felt it after one class!

What’s headed to the recycling bin?
This SkipHop bath mat. I love SkipHop products, but this one did not live up to expectations. It basically disintegrated.

What I read on the Internet this week that was kind of cool
Since going back to work I’ve been really aware of articles that discuss the pros and cons of sending your kids to daycare (i.e. are you a bad parent if you aren’t keeping them at home with you?). This article is written by one of Canada’s top health journalists and looks at why we need more data in this area to really make an informed decision. My two cents we are all doing the best we can do for our children.

What Chloe’s eating or not eating
In an effort to get Chloe to eat more than just pasta, I made zucchini/carrot fritters recently. I grated up half a zucchini, one carrot, some onion. Mixed in 1 egg and a little bit of flour to make it substantial enough to form into patties. I fried these up and served with some plain yoghurt. I enjoyed them. Chloe did not. Oh well! On to the next recipe…

Books, books, books
We went to a local church fair over the weekend and scored 8 kids books for $4. After mom wiped them down with toy wipes they were perfect (yes, I’m that person). One of the books we picked up, Winnie the Pooh and Ten Busy Bees, Chloe loves. I think it may be an older edition, but you may be able to find it on Amazon.

Chloe’s jam of the week
Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King.

What to do if you happen to be in Toronto this week with kids
We’ve been wanting to go to a harvest festival at a local farm. We’ve been eyeing up Springridge farm in Milton as a place to check-out pumpkins and fall fun. After all what’s the fun of having a little one if you can’t get your requisite photo of baby with pumpkin?

If my husband and I had a night out this week
We’d be eating out at George. We went there once for Valentine’s and it was delicious.

Busy moms need quick solutions
Sometimes you just don’t get 8 hours of sleep and need this product.

Rant of the week
This isn’t really a rant, but I have to say it…if I see one more pumpkin spice advertisement I may scream. Nothing against pumpkin, but it is pumpkin spice overload right now. And I know I said I wanted to take photos with pumpkins above 🙂

And just because…
As I live in Toronto this is kind of interesting.

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