Feeling grateful

4th September 2015

This week is different. My heart feels heavy after seeing so much sadness in the news. I feel sadness because I am a mother and to see a child’s life taken away at such a young age is a horrible thing to see. I also feel ashamed that I have been living in my own little bubble and been more or less oblivious to the pain happening in the world. I won’t post the photo here, but if you haven’t looked at it you should. We all need to wake-up and shouldn’t close our eyes or turn away because it makes us feel uncomfortable.

This weekend hold your babies a little tighter and be grateful for what you have. I know I’ll be doing this and also spending time thinking about what I can do to make a difference. We can all do something to help now and in the future.

I can’t imagine living in a world where you think the sea is safer than the land you live.

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