Coffee with Chloe’s mom – August 19th 2015 edition

19th August 2015


My creative energy is depleted this week it seems (getting up at 530 am will do this to you), so it is back to the regular old Coffee with Chloe’s mom format of what we’d be talking about over coffee this week 🙂

What’s on my mind this week?
Chloe is now a walking machine! Having a walker in the house is fun, but also kind of scary. We really need to do a better job of child-proofing. Once she picks up speed she’ll be everywhere.

What I’m currently coveting?
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was coveting a play kitchen for C. Well, we went ahead and bought her this one as a belated 1st birthday gift. She loves it and now I’m wanting to buy the whole Pottery Barn kitchen line for kids. How fun is this pasta kit?

What I’m loving?
The fact that my husband reads these newsletters and picks up on my hints to buy me things like this. I’d also like this handbag if you are looking for ideas 😉

What’s headed to the recycling bin?
Sadly the Rock’n’Play sleeper is saying good-bye. You saved our sanity in the first few months and were a great friend to have when I needed somewhere to put Chloe while I showered. Sadly Chloe is way too big to be in it now. You will be missed.

What I read on the Internet this week that was kind of cool?
So this is why 6 p.m. kind of sucks in the world of parenting.

What Chloe’s eating?
This category should really be renamed ‘what Chloe decides to not throw on the floor at dinnertime’ or ‘what Chloe eats one day and not the next’ 😉 That said she does seem to be loving the pasta I made recently with ground turkey. I sautéed the ground turkey with onions, added some pepper, Mrs. Dash seasoning and threw in some chopped orange peppers/peas. Then added a tomato sauce over top. Once the sauce all came together I mixed in the cooked pasta and grated cheese.

Books, books, books
This week it isn’t a kids book, but a book that I’m reading. I had such high hopes for this book, but it basically is a trainwreck that I can’t stop reading. All I can think is if you hate the Upper East side so much why do you live there?? But I’m determined to get to the end of this book. I’m not a quitter 😉

Chloe’s jam of the week
It appears that we are into Flo Rida these days. Tonight belongs to U by Jeremih (featuring Flo Rida) is an upbeat song to start the day in a good mood/remind mom of their times dancing the night away.

What to do if you happen to be in Toronto this week with kids
The other weekend we finally went to the Children’s Discovery Centre in Liberty Village. Fun times were had by all. There was creativity, imagination and a lot of fun things to do for small ones. C loved the kitchen/grocery store area. Is only open until the end of September as of now, so make sure to check it out if you are able to (and show your support so it stays open post-pilot phase)!

If my husband and I had a night out this week
After a failed weekend brunch attempt with C (someone was not in the mood to be out at a restaurant or in a highchair it seems), I’d honestly just be up for being able to have a bite to eat anywhere with my other half. That said Cluny in Toronto’s distillery district looks pretty cool.

Busy moms need quick solutions
When you are short on time and have no equipment, this workout fits the bill.

Rant of the week
I don’t know if there is a proper name for the little plastic tags stores attach multiple times to kids clothing (for price tags and everything else it seems), but they drive me nuts. They look like this. I hate them because they end up everywhere in the house and you never ever seem to manage to find them all when cutting them off new baby products. Even tonight there was one still in the washcloth we were using for Chloe’s bath.

And just because…
This is too cute.

What’s on your mind this week?

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