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A to Z of motherhood

21st July 2015

I thought I’d try something a little different this week and do a bit of an A to Z of motherhood for the first year or so. Basically all I know at the moment. It contains some ramblings, lessons learned and some tips. You may or may not find it useful 🙂


(When it was just us we went on adventurous trips to Iceland and other such places)

My A to Z of motherhood for the first year…

A is for arms
I’ve realized the following – Who needs weights when you are constantly lifting and carrying a little person day and night?

B is for boobs
At this point I think most people in Toronto have seen my boobs. I used to care, but now not so much.

C is for colds
The first time Chloe got a cold felt like the end of the world. I wanted to go to the emergency room immediately. The other half had to talk me down from the level of crazy I was at.

D is for doubt
There were plenty of days this past year where I doubted my ability to be responsible for this little person who was now a part of our family. But then things just click and you realize you are a parent who (most of the time) knows what they are doing.

E is for Ergo
The ergo carrier has been my secret weapon over the past 13 months. We’ve used it for mom/baby workouts,  short walks, in airports, to walk to and from daycare now and much more.

F is for fun
I never realized how fun it would be to have a baby. They don’t really do much the first six months and then all of a sudden they turn into real little people with personalities. There will be lots of photos taken. Even multiple photos of the same things.

G is for Google
All of a sudden I found myself Googling things like ‘is it possible for your nipples to fall off’ and other such crazy things after Chloe was born. I also found myself taking the advice of people in discussion forums who couldn’t spell to save to their lives. The Internet is a dangerous place to be for new moms.

H is for homemade 
Before giving birth I was one of those people who was going to make EVERYTHING my baby ate. Who was I kidding? These packs were developed for a reason.

I is for Instagram
I swore that my Instagram wouldn’t turn into a feed of my baby. It did. I couldn’t help myself.

J is for jealousy
Sometimes I have to admit that I do get jealous of people who can just go out to dinner or drinks on a whim.

K is for kindness
The so-called ‘mommy wars’ that I see online need to stop. As mothers we all just need to be kinder to one another and know that we are all doing the best job that we can do for our families. No more finger pointing.

L is for long days
Someone told me that the first year of motherhood can be summed up with the following quote – sometimes the days feel long, but the year goes by fast. Or something along those lines. So true. There were some days when I was literally counting down the seconds until the husband came home, but then all of a sudden it was her 1st birthday.

M is for mom
There really is no better feeling in the world than being Chloe’s mom. Even in the moments of doubt and bad days. Motherhood is definitely a rollercoaster of ups, downs, highs and lows.

N is for naive
While I knew having a baby was going to change our lives, I have to admit I was pretty naive about this. I had a long to-do list that I was going to take care of on maternity leave (e.g. map out my career plans and take my wedding dress to get cleaned finally). None of this happened.

O is for opinions
Everyone seems to have an opinion when you have a baby. Even random strangers will stop you (usually when you have a screaming baby on your hands) to let you know what you should be doing differently. Ignore and walk away.

P is for poop
Other parents told us that we’d be talking all the time about poop. I didn’t believe them. I was wrong. Chloe’s bowel movements occupy way too much of our daily conversation.

Q is for quiet
I’m realizing that quiet is kind of a thing of the past with a one-year old in the house. She’s always on the move and squealing.

R is for registry
Most of the items I put on my baby registry were things I thought I needed/were cute. I’d recommend that any moms-to-be out there think more practically than I did.

S is for struggle
These days I’m finding that it is a constant struggle to find balance between work, home, friends and taking time for myself.

T is for tears
I’ve cried this year because I’m tired, happy, sad, frustrated, scared. I’ve also had mini tantrums when I can’t go workout. We all have our thing.

U is for underwear
There is nothing sexy or fun about post-birth underwear. It is time to hit up this store in an effort to rethink my undergarments.

V is for vulnerability
I just finished reading my first book since before Chloe was born (a small miracle) and there was a quote that really resonated with me: “…pregnancy and the vulnerabilities of motherhood have offered me yet another window on humanity, yet another channel of understanding.”

W is for wine
You will need it. Trust me.

X is for x-citement
Seeing Chloe hit milestones and do new things is pretty exciting. I’ll always remember the first time she rolled over multiple times in a row. I was not expecting that at the time. Yes, I know cheated on this one, but I needed something for ‘X’.

Y is for you
As a mom, you no longer exist as you used to. I’m Chloe’s mom. I’ve realized over the past 13 months that it is important to still carve out time for you. To be a happy mom, you need a break at times.

Z is for zzzz
To the people that told us to sleep before the baby arrived – you are giving the worst advice ever. You can’t bank sleep. If you ever hear me tell someone this please pinch me. To all the new parents out there, you will sleep again. It will be a different type of sleep, but you will sleep again.

Coffee with Chloe’s mom – July 13, 2015 edition

13th July 2015


What’s on mom’s mind this week?
I’m kind of hating (in the nicest possible way) people who have family locally to babysit. Where on earth do you find reliable and trustworthy babysitters? We need a night out.

What I’m currently coveting?
This ‘C’ charm. I’ve been wanting this for a while now. Hint, hint other half.

What I’m loving?
Chloe carries this toy around with her like a briefcase. She loves putting everything in the basket and then taking it out. Repeat.

What’s headed to the recycling bin?
It only took us over a year to move on from this product. Since the early days it never worked properly. We’d fight hard to close the lid each time, but for some reason we just kept on using it.  Who know why? Maybe we kept hoping it would miraculously work.

What I read on the Internet this week that was kind of cool
I wish I could give speeches like this. To the point and with a good message.

What Chloe’s eating
One of our favourite homemade pasta sauces is steaming and pureeing a mixed bag of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) with some olive oil and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. Chloe loves it and I call it her “green” pasta.

Books, books, books
The local children’s bookstore recommended Wild by Emily Hughes to us this week. Love the illustrations in the book and also the message.

Chloe’s jam of the week
Midnight City by M83 is putting a smile on her face and mine. I’m trying to have a morning dance party before we head to daycare/work each day.

What to do if you happen to be in Toronto this week with kids
A whole week’s worth of activities awaits you in a blog post I wrote for Mommy Connections.

If my husband and I had a night out this week
We’d be checking out the Summerlicious menu at Zucca Trattoria.

Busy moms need quick solutions
Now that I’m back at work I need to get better at prepping our meals for the week. Otherwise we are going to be eating at 10 p.m. every night. Any recipes, tips or ideas on how to do this would be most appreciated 🙂

Rant of the week
People, if you see a pregnant woman board the subway during rush hour please offer her your seat. My first day back at work I witnessed a pregnant lady board a crowded train and no one offered her a seat. That is until I asked someone too. This happens way too often.

And just because…
The story behind this video is beautiful and makes me want to do something like this.

8th July 2015


One of my biggest fears before having a baby was around how I was going to fill my days. I hate being trapped inside the house and was so worried about this that I joined my first Mommy Connections class to meet people when my daughter Chloe was just three weeks old. Best decision I made as it introduced me to activities and new friends! Over the past year Ive come to realize that theres lots to do and see in the city with a baby in tow. I wasnt going to be stuck inside 🙂 

For my first blog post here I thought it would be fun to share a weeks worth of inexpensive/free midtown Toronto activities we have tried out and enjoyed.


Start your week off with a walk along the Kay Gardner beltline. Theres an accessible entrance just off Merton street and if you head west it will take you through Forest Hill. Best part is that it is shady! When it wasnt snowing I lived along this trail with Chloe. We walked alone. We walked with friends. Either way we always enjoyed ourselves. Check out the Beltline babies Facebook group as they are always posting walks that people can join.


From May to October, the Davisville village farmers’ market is held at June Rowlands park (Mount Pleasant/Davisville). Grab your picnic blanket and pick up some treats from the market for an afternoon of relaxing and eating. The park also has a great splash pad for little ones, so make sure to bring along the swimsuits and flip flops.


Every Wednesday morning the Leaside library hosts their storytime for babies (birth to 18 months). No registration is required which I love as you never know how your mornings will go! Afterwards check out the new Lit Espresso bar on Bayview for some caffeine and perhaps a treat!


The outdoor pool at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre is finally open for the season. After having a splash or two, head to the park behind the community centre for a play. 


Another one of our favourite walks this year has been the Moore Park ravine (entrance just off Moore east of Welland Avenue). This walk is also part of the beltline trail, but takes you down to the Evergreen Brick Works. Grab a bite to eat from the cafe there and check out their childrens garden. A very neat version of a playground.

What are your favourite mom/baby friendly things to do in the area?

Coffee with Chloe’s mom – July 7, 2015

7th July 2015


What’s on mom’s mind this week?
Summer and how to make the most of it. Each year summer just seems to go by way too fast.

What I’m currently coveting?
Chloe loves all things related to the kitchen these days. I’ve been wanting to get her this play kitchen as it seems like a toy that will grow with her over time/we can add things to it.

What I’m loving?
These bibs are the best. They are so easy to clean and don’t get wrecked in the wash.

What’s headed to the recycling bin?
So long old friend. While our nursing journey hasn’t come to a complete end (anyone have any tips on how to stop!?) I am looking forward to saying adios to daytime tops like these now.

What I read on the Internet this week that was kind of cool
A friend of mine mentioned this article to me and while I don’t think I could wear the exact same thing to work each day I am digging the message.

What Chloe’s eating
On Canada Day, we went to a ribfest and instead of eating ribs (hate them!) I hit up the Humber food truck. They were serving a delicious watermelon/strawberry smoothie that Chloe loved. I’ve recreated it at home and all it takes is blending some watermelon, strawberries, a bit of greek yoghurt and a couple of squeezes of orange together.

Books, books, books
A bit of a blast from the past as this was my all-time favourite book when I was little. My dad used to read Frank Asch’s Popcorn over and over to me. I even knew when he would try to skip pages…

Chloe’s jam of the week
This week’s jam is courtesy of my guilty pleasure TV show, Mistresses. Younger (Kygo remix) by Seinabo Sey was played at the end of this season’s premiere. My husband thinks the show is beyond terrible, but I can’t stop watching.

If my husband and I had a date night this week
If my husband and I had a night out this week we’d be checking out Fat Pasha.

Busy moms 
Fitting in exercise can be tough, so I like to look for workouts that can really deliver when you don’t have as much time as you used to. If you are in Toronto check out Ferris360. You don’t be disappointed.

Rant of the week
Why do people who have no need to use accessible doors feel the need to? Are people so lazy that they’d rather push a button to open a door than open the door themselves? Just something I’ve noticed a lot of this year.

And just because…
We all need to remember that we are beautiful and to be kinder to one another.