Coffee with Chloe’s mom – June 29th edition

29th June 2015



Hello, we hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a great time as we were busy celebrating Chloe‘s 1st birthday yesterday! Lots of delicious cake was eaten! Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

Daycare transition has been tougher than I thought it would be. I don’t think I stopped crying during her first day at the center. Who knows how I’ll be during her first full day there? Most likely an emotional mess.

What I’m currently coveting
A new work wardrobe for myself. I don’t think hot pink Old Navy t-shirts and wunder-unders from Lululemon are going to cut it at work 🙂

What I’m loving
Chatbooks has been a great and expensive way to turn my Instagram photos into real-life photo books. A new book is printed each time you reach 60 photos. Is kind of like the modern-day baby book.

What’s headed to the recycling bin?
This week’s winner is our most expensive sippy cup. It worked well for a while but now seems to leak everywhere. Grrr. Anyone else had this issue?

What I read on the Internet this week that was kind of cool
I can definitely relate to a number of these awkward parenting moments, but #2 in particular struck a chord with me.

What Chloe’s eating?
Jamie Oliver’s one-cup pancakes are super easy to make (even for those of us that can’t make pancakes to save their lives!).

Books, books, books
Chloe will dig through her box of books until she finds Barbara Reid’s Sing a Song of Mother Goose. She loves the illustrations! Mom has also started to read again this week and is loving It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario.

Chloe’s jam of the week
Leather Jacket by Arkells. All I can think about when I hear this song is who uses a pay phone in 2015?

What to do if you happen to be in Toronto with kids
Make a stop at McEwans for some yummy eats and then head down Lawrence to Edwards Gardens for a lovely gourmet picnic.

If my husband and I had a night out this week
I would be eating grilled sicilian eggplant parmigiana and drinking a vodka soda at Five Doors North. My other half, on the other hand, would probably be devouring something more on the meat side of things.

Busy moms need quick solutions
Did you know that Sephora offers makeovers? A friend of mine recently went in and asked for their suggestions on how to create a 5-minute make-up look. Perfect for busy moms. I need to do this! New make-up always makes me feel better 🙂

Rant of the week
I wish someone had warned me that I wouldn’t be taxed enough on maternity leave. I was expecting a big fat refund from CRA. I was shocked to discover I owe. Big time.

And just because…
I’ve been thinking a lot about following my own dreams.

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